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          Environmental Sanitation Equipment
          Environmental Sanitation Equipment
          XCMG, in response to the national road mechanical cleaning demand, provides complete set of professional maintenance and cleaning solutions, which can flexibly configure road cleaning, washing, and sweeping equipment according to the actual road situation.
          • Wet Sweeper Truck
            Wet Sweeper Truck
            XCMG sweeper trucks use the layout form of "central four plate sweeper + rear suction nozzle". The sweeper truck sweeps the garbage to a specified position, and sprays water to reduce dust during the cleaning process. These sweeper trucks can be widely used in cleaning operations of urban roads, expressways, squares, bridges and other places.
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          • Compression Garbage Trucks
            Compression Garbage Trucks
            XCMG compression garbage trucks are widely used for collection of domestic garbage in residential quarters and on both sides of roads and streets, and mainly include back-loaded compression garbage trucks and side-loaded compression garbage trucks, wherein, back-loaded compression garbage trucks can be equipped with rear hanging bucket, bucket and other collection devices according to different needs.
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          • Sweeper
            XCMG sweepers, with road washing, road cleaning, spraying and dust reduction, and other functions integrated, combine with functions of traditional sweeper and cleaning truck in principle, and match with the XCMG-developed efficient wear-resisting dedicated fans and colorful brush, so the mechanical efficiency is far higher than the same industry level.
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          • Garbage Truck with Detachable Container
            Garbage Truck with Detachable Container
            XCMG garbage truck with detachable container, as a kind of transport vehicle with functions of loading, unloading and transportation, can improve the vehicle utilization rate significantly using the “one vehicle with multiple containers’ function. With full product series (1-35 t), XCMG is a manufacturer with the most complete series in the industry.
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          • Multi-functional Dust Suppression Vehicle
            Multi-functional Dust Suppression Vehicle
            XCMG multi-function dust suppression vehicles use water mist to absorb dust in the air and dilute concentration of pollution particles and are mainly used to reduce dust and haze. The suppression vehicle is equipped with the one-click start/stop function, the barrel automatic reset function, and the unique dual spray structure, with the maximum spraying range of 100 m or 120 m.
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          • Mobile Garbage Compression Station
            Mobile Garbage Compression Station
            XCMG mobile garbage compression station, characterized by the small coverage area, flexibility mobility and novel appearance, can be equipped with a variety of loading devices and is suitable for bag collection, standard garbage can collection, rickshaw and small motor vehicle collection.
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          • Pure Electric Road Sweeper
            Pure Electric Road Sweeper
            XCMG pure electric road sweepers, with pure electric self-made chassis, are equipped with safe and reliable lithium battery, which provides strong endurance. These road sweepers are mainly used for mechanized road cleaning in narrow areas such as sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenic spots, etc. The appearance design draws lessons from the bionics idea, so the modeling is lovely and is close to the nature.
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          • Compression Docking Refuse Collector
            Compression Docking Refuse Collector
            XCMG compression docking refuse collectors, as a kind of efficient garbage collection and transfer vehicle special for urban environmental sanitation, can effectively prevent the secondary pollution caused by leakage along the way in the process of garbage collection and transfer. There are container top-open trucks and fully-closed container trucks.
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